Medrano Express Boxes Reunited With Owners in Miami

More than 200 boxes left abandoned in Miami after a Latin American shipping company closed up shop last year are finally being reunited with their owners.

The Federal Maritime Commission and Miami-Dade Consumer Protection on Tuesday reunited owners with about 20 of the boxes that were left behind by Medrano Express.

The company, which operated in 29 states and specialized in shipping items to Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico, lost their license to operate in the U.S. last July over a bond issue, leaving thousands of boxes in their possession that were never delivered.

The boxes that were found in Miami were saved by the property owner, who turned them over to authorities. She said one day the company closed its doors and the employees left the property and never returned.

Medrano Express still operates a Spanish language website, but their 800 number in the U.S. was disconnected, when NBC 6 tried to reach them for comment.

Many of the boxes contain clothing and other small goods that were supposed to be sent to family members. One woman told NBC 6 South Florida that she had sent photos and other valuable family items to her son in Costa Rica, but he passed away and the box never made it.

Officials said they'll continue to try and connect the remaining boxes with their rightful owners, and said hundreds of other boxes are believed to still be scattered across the country.

To make a claim for a shipment contact the Federal Maritime Commission at or 202-275-0059.

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