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Miami Cop's Alleged Radio Call During Officer Shooting Under Investigation

In a statement Tuesday, Miami Police said they're aware of the radio transmission

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Miami Police officials are investigating a radio call that reportedly involves one of their officers complaining about Miami-Dade Police cars speeding near him while responding to Monday night's shooting of one of their detectives.

In the brief audio clip, a man believed to be a Miami officer is heard asking a dispatcher why officers are speeding near him and is told by the dispatcher "officer down."

"Let them know they're going to have another officer down if they keep going at 70 miles an hour near my car," the man responded.

Sources told NBC 6 that police have taken down a second suspect in the case of the Miami-Dade detective that was shot in the head Monday night. NBC 6's Heather Walker reports.

Later, another officer jumps on the radio and berates the insensitive response.

"Let's try to use a little more tact," the officer says. I"f they have an officer down they're gonna pass you at 80 miles an hour next time."

In a statement Tuesday, Miami Police said they're aware of the radio transmission.

"If in fact it is determined that it is our officer, he will be held accountable for his actions. It is unsettling and disturbing listening to the lack of concern compassion, and empathy," the statement read. "We continue to pray for the injured Miami-Dade County Police officer and hoping for a full and speedy recovery."

Miami-Dade Police responded after Miami Police put the statement on Twitter.

"Thank you, @MiamiPD for your unwavering support during these times. We are all one law enforcement family," Miami-Dade Police tweeted.

Miami Police Chief Manny Morales also responded to the radio call on Twitter.

"It is embarrassing that at a time when we need to come together and pray for the recovery of our injured @MiamiDadePD brother we have those that seek to divide us - @MiamiPD will always stand in support of our law enforcement family across the country," Morales wrote.

The Miami-Dade detective who was shot, 29-year-old Cesar Echaverry, remained in extremely critical condition Tuesday. The suspect involved was killed.

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