Police Questioning Man Possibly Connected to ‘Creeper' Case

Miami Beach Police may have made a break in the case of the "creeper" who has been sexually assaulting women across Miami-Dade county since April 2014.

Sources tell NBC 6 that the MBPD is questioning a man who may be a suspect in the case.

A crime scene investigations unit has spent over 12 hours examining an apartment at 1604 Drexel Avenue.

A neighbor says she was told there was a robbery, a usual part of the creeper's alleged assaults, and that she saw police dusting for prints. DNA evidence has linked the creeper to incidents in Coral Gables, Miami, and most recently Miami Beach.

In past reports, police say the suspect gains entry as the women lie asleep in their beds. In one break in, the victim woke up to find the suspect standing near her bed. The suspect took off when the victim went to call police.

The suspect is known to leave behind very little evidence and is always masked.

Miami Beach Police are expected to provide an update on the case on Monday.

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