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Miami Gardens Neighbors Concerned About Construction Project

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On his cellphone, Moses Frazier captured what he says happens every day across the street from his home: a heavy concrete block is dropped from a crane to the ground. 

“Look how far they are going up...Oh my God, you can hear the whole thing shaking,” Frazier can be heard saying on the video provided to NBC 6. 

The construction project is happening at a Miami Gardens neighborhood near the Hard Rock Stadium. 

Neighbors tell us they’ve put up with the work since August when Coastland Construction began the project, which the company says will positively impact the community.

The company plans to turn the area into apartments, condos, and a park. But first the sandy soil needs to be compacted. Coastland says it has all the proper permits and the project is being done within approved vibration limits.

But neighbors in the area tell NBC 6 the project has caused damage to their properties.

“We have stress cracks here from the foundation from the trembling of the dropping of the blocks on the other side,” said Stanley King, a homeowner, while showing us cracks he says started to appear in his house a week after the work began across the street.

King says the cracking is now in numerous places. 

“You have one from the ceiling all the way to the ground here,” King said, adding he’s got cracking inside his house too.

 He is not the only homeowner upset. Suzette Frazier told us the pounding is taking a toll on her property too.  

“I think it’s a travesty. This should never happen to a homeowner,” Frazier said. 

She is among a group of homeowners who have contacted the Miami Gardens Building Department for help. 

Coastland says it’s been meeting with homeowners and is doing all it can to address their concerns while diligently working to take care of any issues.

The city told us it met with the construction company and has come up with a plan to limit any damage.  

The plan includes surveying homes, working further away from homes for now, monitoring vibration levels each day, and reducing the height the concrete block can fall. 

Some neighbors tell us they are looking for an attorney to help them get repairs for the damage they say is already done.

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