WATCH: Miami Heat Players Sing Karaoke for Charity

On Jan 27, Shane Battier hosts the second annual karaoke event for charity

You’ve seen Shane Battier knock down huge three pointers in the playoffs to help the Heat win titles. You’ve seen LeBron James soar in the air for a highlight reel dunk. Dwyane Wade? He’s often putting down his own slam and falling back after sinking a clutch shot. But did you know that they can also sing?

Well, attempt to sing anyway.

That’s what they will be doing on Jan. 27 when Battier hosts his second annual karaoke event for charity, according to the foundation's website. That event is perfectly named “Battioke”

In the YouTube video, you’ll be able to see a small sampling of what can be expected at the event.


Featured in the promotional video is of course Battier himself along with the key names you’ve come to expect in James and Wade.

One to look out for is James Jones who belts out a tune while donning an interesting wig.

Most of all though, after seeing Chris Bosh attempt his hand at “Ain't No Mountain High Enough” while dressed up as Marvin Gaye -- you may order your tickets for the event immediately.

Bosh who is widely known as the biggest comic on the team puts on a serious pose while singing. Bosh’s attempt could arguably make even the most depressed person laugh hysterically.

There’s been no word as of yet if Pat Riley will make an appearance but it remains a possibility. Riley was present at last year’s event and sang “My Girl”, though he jokingly tried to bribe his way out of singing before eventually relenting.

After singing last year, Riley said the following: "I always said I would always dance and sing for my players, and that one is for them."

Tickets are $150 in advance and $250 the day of the event. The event will be hosted at The Fillmore Miami Beach and limited seats are available at this time. For more information on “Battioke,” take a look at

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