Moment of Silence: Miami Employees Banned From Talking to Media

City employees not allowed to talk to the media anymore

Miami's new city manager just wants everyone to shut up.

So Tony Crapp Jr. has decided to ban city employees from talking to the media, effective immediately.

The move is in response to the very public fighting between Mayor Tomas Regalado and Police Chief Miguel Exposito. Of the two, only Exposito would have to get clearance to open his mouth from Crapp.

"I posted it because no one needs to be able to have a press conference unless going through the manager's office,'' Crapp told the Miami Herald. 

In recent weeks, Exposito and Regalado have called dueling press conferences as they lobbed accusations back and forth at one another. Regalado, who appointed Crapp to his new post, has ridiculed the Police Department for several shooting in the community.

Exposito responded by claiming Regalado tried to interfere with criminal investigations. In his most recent press conference, Exposito hinted that he wanted the FBI to investigate the mayor and possibly bring obstruction of justice charges.

While the police chief will be allowed to talk about police matters, he will essentially be muzzled on political matters.

As far as who can communicate with the media, that number has shrunk from pretty much every employee with an opinion to just Crapp and his staff, and the designated public information officers for the Police and Fire departments.

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