Mystic Man's Stare Brings Enlightenment to Miami

Braco's gaze provides positive energy on South Beach, $8 at a time

If you think the steely gaze of a mystical man who goes by a single name can bring you enlightenment, you'd better get down to South Beach -- quickly.

Braco, the Croatian spiritual healer and provider of positive energy, is transferring that energy five minutes at a time at the Miami Beach Convention Center through Tuesday, according to the Miami Herald.

The cost for each session: $8.

Of course, Braco won't talk to you, that's not his thing. But he will stand on an elevated pedestal with his flowing, shoulder-length hair, and let a packed ballroom of believers look into his eyes.

Followers say just looking at the man can take care of your problems and cure terminal illnesses. On Monday, followers packed the ballroom in search of his energy, some crying and others just looking at the man.

"I felt a little dizzy," Veronica Malazzo, 39, told the Herald. "It was a little strong, like a shock when he came upstairs."

On Braco's website, he even warns that his gaze may be too powerful for some.

"The energy could overburden children, so the sessions are not open for visitors under the age of 18, or to pregnant women after their third month. For your children and for other people who are not able to attend a session, it is recommended that you bring a photo of that person to a session instead," the website says. "The power of Braco’s gaze can equally reach people through photos, and the same level of healing and transformation occur through this method."

Braco apparently doesn't make money off the sessions, but does take in cash on DVD, book and jewelry sales. DVDs available through his website include "The Story of Braco," "Braco: The Gaze of Light," and "Invisible Hug." The only English-language book available is 21 Days With Braco.

Frank Weller, the man who brought Braco to Miami Beach, owns a non-profit horse rescue center in Connecticut, which gets all the money from the appearances.

Weller insists Braco's no flim-flam man.

"He's not trying to have followers," Weller said, adding that he hasn't experienced the feelings of oneness he feels at a Braco appearance since he was at Woodstock.

Malazzo said she felt her problematic ovary and bad left eye "palpitating" under Braco's stare. She said there will be doubters to Braco's powers, but that they just need to expand their thought.

"The mind works like a parachute," she said. "It only works when it's open."

Braco is at the convention center until 8 p.m.

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