Non-Profit Urges Homeowners to Be Patient

Elizabeth Maloney turned to the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America for mortgage help, but found our her account had been closed

Elizabeth Maloney is trying everything to save her new townhome. She even slept in line, along with thousands of others, at a NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) workshop back in the spring.

"I left there with a great feeling," Maloney said about her meeting with NACA, a government-funded non-profit set up to help Florida residents cut through the red tape and keep their properties.

Maloney left the seminar somewhat relieved. Her paperwork indicated she would see her mortgage payments reduced.

But a few weeks ago, a letter appeared that made her think that they were going to foreclose on her.

"They had closed my account," Maloney said.

When we told NACA about Maloney's situation, the organization quickly went into action and today she said they now have confirmed an offer reducing her payments about $300 a month.

NACA, which serves as a middleman between homeowners and banks, told NBCMiami that the banks that actually hold the loans are simply swamped and asked for patience, as well as told homeowners to save all their documents and to call them.

For more information, vist or call 1-888-404-6222.

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