NBC 6 Responds Helps Local Father Recover Hundreds of Dollars

Dwane Strong works full-time and comes home to 6 children – including 5 foster kids his family is looking to adopt.

“That’s a lot of mouths to feed, no doubt,” he said.

His desire to provide for his family was a big reason why an ad from the Online Trading Academy got Dwane’s attention.

“Make extra money,” he said. “Trade in stocks during the day, become like a day trader.”

He paid about $250 for an introductory, 5-day seminar and found it to be informative, he said. He wanted to learn more, so he decided to sign up for a $15,000 course on the stock market.

“I put down a thousand dollar deposit,” he said. “I was supposed to pay … 500 bucks a month after that until the $15,000 was paid off.”

He felt comfortable paying the money, he said, adding that he was told, “If at any point you don’t feel like this is for you or if we don’t feel like this is for you, we don’t need your money. We’ll give it back to you.”

But when his job sent him out of town and he couldn’t start the course, he asked for a refund. At first, the request was denied, he said. He pressed further, saying he hadn’t attended any classes yet. That’s when he said he was told they would “check into that” and call him back. But months passed and that call never came, Dwane said. Neither did his money.

“I just figured, ‘hey, I’m not getting this money back,’” he said. “You just chalk it up to a learning experience.”

NBC 6 Responds contacted the company headquarters in California and a local representative called Dwane and apologized, offering to return his thousand dollar deposit.

“I was shocked, surprised and delighted all at the same time,” Dwane said. “I’m very thankful for NBC 6 Responds for going to bat, I guess you could say, for the little man.”

In addition to the refund, the company told NBC 6 Responds they sent Dwane some free education content for his trouble, adding in an email: “We pride ourselves in providing exceptional care to our students, and it is unusual that a customer issue is not resolved on a timely basis. We’re happy to have this resolved to Mr. Strong’s satisfaction”

Dwane plans to use that money to help get his children ready for the new school year.

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