No Decision if Killian Stabbing Suspect Will Be Charged as Adult

A brief hearing was held in juvenile court Tuesday for the 17-year-old female student who allegedly stabbed a Killian High School student and football player, but she did not appear.

Instead, the defense attorney assigned to represent the teen, who police say stabbed fellow student Deandre Johnson, announced that she was not being charged as adult at this time.

"There's been an agreement of the parties for a three week reset with continued secure detention," said her family attorney, Jeff Herman.

Prosecutors agreed that no decision on filing adult charges would be made until at least the middle of May.

Both photos and cell phone video captured the moments shortly after Johnson was stabbed several weeks ago.

Johnson is back at school now and recovering and hoping to return to the football field.

"It's horrific what happened to the boy in this case, but this girl is also a victim," Herman said.

After the hearing, Herman said she the female student had been raped at a charter school before being bullied while at Killian this school year.

"Since the last hearing, we've uncovered evidence to show that who was being bullied at Killian High School and witnesses are going to be able to testify that this girl was being filmed without her consent," Herman said.

But Herman doesn't know if Johnson had anything to do with the alleged bullying.

At this point there is nothing to indicate that the stabbed victim had any association with the bullying that Mr. Herman says the female student's mother told the school's administration about.

The Miami-Dade School Board has stated it had no knowledge of this kind of trouble with the female student.

She is being held and the Juvenile Detention Facility and May 12th is her next court date where we should find out if she will be charged as an adult.

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