Nosey Ex Gets Dose of Karma

After police find a GPS on his ex's car, a Broward man is ordered to strap on his own

Late-night drivebys. “Coincidental” grocery store run-ins. Facebook.

We’ve all participated in a little ex stalking, but a Broward County judge decided Gary Swanson of Deerfield Beach took his obsession a little too far after his ex called the cops, who found a GPS device behind a rear tire of her Jeep.

"He kept showing up and calling her up and saying, 'What are you doing on such and such street,'" Lighthouse Point Police Commander Mike Oh told the Sun-Sentinel. "It was only safe to assume that after so many times he was probably tracking her."

Now, by order of the judge, it’s Swanson who has to wear a tracker.

"I think it's fitting," said Oh. "We've never had a case before where we have actually found a GPS device on a car."

Payback: such a bitch.


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