Now Watch Me “U”

The University of Miami finally adopts its hip logo campus wide

There's no question there are quite a few geniuses studying and teaching in Coral Gables, but which one came up with the no-brainer to accept the split "U" as the official brand of University of Miami?

UM's New School Song?

The symbol, which gained popularity with the football teams in the '80s, has become synonymous with Miami for people across the nation and now it will show up on letter heads and university awards. Even the university's prestigeous health system will adopt the hipper logo.

''The split-U is one of the most recognizable collegiate marks nationally and may well be the most ubiquitous graphic symbol throughout South Florida,'' wrote Jacqueline R. Menendez, vice president for university communications, in an e-mail to the UM community on Tuesday. "Our bold new look is perhaps the first time an academic and health institution uses a symbol of its celebrated athletics program.''

Officials seem to have held off on an announcement of changing the school's alma mater to Souljah Boy's "Crank Dat," which would be played during all university-sanctioned events like graduation or some other scholarly function. But who wouldn't want to see President Donna Shalala stepping out to that tune, doing the Superman and throwing up the U?

We're hoping for some decision on that next week.

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