Numerous Federal Agents, Including FBI, Search Scene Near Oakland Park

Agents from both the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service among the investigators at the scene.

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Federal agents were at the scene of a massive search in Oakland Park on Wednesday.

Chopper 6 was over the scene near the 1100 block of Northeast 40th Court, with deputies from the Broward Sheriff's Office along with both the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service among the investigators at the scene.

Agents searched one specific area near a canal, with some letting out cheers when a piece of clothing appeared to have been found.

The FBI issued a brief statement saying it was in the area “conducting court authorized law enforcement activity” and would not give any further information at this time.

UPDATE: Thursday afternoon forensic teams were hard at work on the east side of an Oakland Park canal. They were using a backhoe to pull up a section of the embankment. BSO and the FBI are only saying that what they’re doing here is part of an ongoing investigation.

“They’re digging. It says something’s buried,” Nick Kelly said. 

Kelly is overseeing a construction team that’s updating a nearby warehouse. He saw the units rolling in Wednesday and the digging a short time later.

“I think it's pretty crazy. I mean, they kind of pulled up here, very nonchalant, they kind of just set up," Kelly said. "I though it was just some kind of assembly or something and found out they were looking for—its an active crime scene.”

Generally, when BSO and federal agents are working the same case it's an indication that the potential crimes they are looking into could be prosecuted under state or federal law, and down the road if an arrest is made, that would be determined. For now, the search for evidence continues.

The U.S. Navy didn’t answer any questions, Thursday May 13th, about what’s going. A search of Broward County and federal court records for a search warrant at this location found nothing- an indication that this investigation has a ways to go and that those records aren’t unsealed for public view yet. 

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