Obama Beat Romney in Final Debate: NBC 6 Viewers

NBC 6 viewers give third and final debate to Obama in survey

President Barack Obama and Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney battled in their final debate before the election Monday night, and NBC 6 viewers declared Obama the winner in our survey.

In response to the question "Who do you think won the Presidential debate?" Obama garnered 72.61 percent of the vote compared to 26.6 percent for Romney. Another .79 percent were undecided.

The debate, which focused on foreign policy, saw Obama mocking Romney's policy ideas and Romney accusing Obama of weakening the country's influence abroad.

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While the debate, held at Lynn University in Boca Raton, lacked the intensity of the Oct. 16 debate, both candidates pounced on each other over the Middle East, the military and Al Qaida.

Commenters on NBC 6 South Florida's Facebook page had their own views about who won.

"Governor Romney you will be our next President!!!!!! America needs a winner....Obama is a total failure," Melba Cabrera said.

WATCH: Full Obama-Romney Debate

"Obama proved that he remains the man for the job," Angela Killias Lowery wrote.

Facebook commenters differed on who had a better grasp on the foreign policy issues.

"Mitt doesn't know his rear end from a hole in the ground regarding Foreign Policies," Orlando J. Rodriguez wrote.

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"Romney definitely has the facts correct with a clear and (US) Constitutional vision and view for these United States. A strong foreign policy is as important as domestic policy. A re-election of the president will result in regional, at the least, war in the middle east. It may go much farther than that. Look at the last four years and see if this ship of state is sailing in the direction of peace, stability and prosperity. Mitt Romney showed knowledge, leadership and vision for the above," Mike Williams wrote.

Monday was the last appearance on stage together for Obama and Romney before the Nov. 6 election.

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