Occupy Fort Lauderdale Protests Family's Eviction

Demonstrators set up at Coconut Creek home of family set to be evicted

It's been a hellish holiday for the Bien-Aime family. Twice, the family of seven has been served with eviction notices at their Coconut Creek home.
The second, and final notice, is expected to be executed at some time Monday, but not if the Occupy Fort Lauderdale movement can help it. Demonstrators set up at the Bien-Aimes' home around 5 a.m. Monday, and told NBC Miami they intend to peacefully protest the eviction order.
"We've had lawyers look over it, several non-profit foreclosures, fraud specialty groups, and we're here to stand behind the people," said Adam Salater, a demonstrator who has been working with the family.
For months, the Bien-Aimes have been locked in a fight with Wells Fargo bank to secure their home.
Marie Bien-Amie said Wells Fargo told her she owes them $27,000. She said she has the money, but the bank is refusing to take it.                             
"I file the motion, I say I have the money to pay them. Please, let's make them take the money and they tell me, 'denied.' They tell me, 'no, they cannot take the money, they have to take the house,'" said Bien-Aime.

Wells Fargo didn't immediately respond to calls for comment Monday.
For Bien-Aime, who is of Haitian descent, what had been a dream home for her and her family has turned into a nightmare.
"I never see my kids, because I want to own this house," she said.

The Occupy Fort Lauderdale demonstrators and the family are hoping the eviction can be delayed until after the new year, in hopes that the Bien-Aimes will be given ample time to make a strong case to keep their home.

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