Labor Day

Officials Stress Boating Safety Over Labor Day Weekend

You couldn't ask for better weather as many people are celebrating the holiday weekend on the water. Whether the fun is above the water or under it, officials want to remind people that safety is the number one rule.

"We have fire boat one and fire boat two that are out here patrolling the waters from early this morning until the late evening hours," said Miami Fire Rescue Captain Ignatius Carroll.

And just around 5 p.m. Saturday a diver near Government Cut was in distress.

"He was on a dive boat, a personal dive boat and at some point that boat ended up capsizing," said Jorge Pino from Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Several rescue units went out to help the diver and brought him to the Miami Beach Marina, but it was too late.

"They did perform CPR on him but unfortunately he was pronounced dead at the hospital," Pino said.

Officials are still investigating how and why the diver died.

"One thing that we encourage and tell people is make sure that you have all your safety equipment," Carroll said. "Check out your boat and have a safety plan in place, make sure where you are and where you're traveling to. And the most important thing is to use common sense while you're out on the water."

That includes no drinking if you're the one driving the boat. Carroll says another important tip is know how to use your boat radio.

"Cell phones are very good but sometimes they don't work in areas so know how to use your radio, know the area that you're in," Carroll said. "And make sure that you have somebody that is responsible on the boat if you are going to be drinking."

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