Orphaned Manatee Calf Recuperating at SeaWorld Orlando

An orphaned manatee calf is recuperating at SeaWorld Orlando after it was rescued from a river near a Florida Power and Light power plant in Port St. John.

Workers at the FPL plant called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission after spotting the two-week-old female swimming alone in the Indian River near the plant.

"We monitored the animal, it did not seem to have a mother with it and we made the decision to rescue the animal," FWC lead marine biologist Ann Spellman said.

The calf, which weighs 48 pounds and is 48 inches, was taken to SeaWorld, where it was given a physical exam and checked out by the veterinary staff.

The goal is to rehab the manatee and return it to the wild. The park has rescued eight manatees so far this year and returned seven back to their natural environment.

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