Brandon Lopez

Palace Bar on South Beach Closes its Doors

The owner of The Palace Bar on South Beach had a heavy heart on Tuesday. The iconic bar on South Beach geared towards the LGBTQ community closed its doors -- but not without a major party first.

“It’s the home and the life of the gay community,” said Thomas Donell.

Donell bought the popular Ocean Drive location bought Palace nine years ago, but it had already been open twenty years prior.

The Palace is closing its doors because the entire building requires a major renovation, according to the owner of the building.

Donell says the party isn’t over for good – he’s currently looking for a new location.

“I want to get something that’s a hotel and restaurant in front, we need a bigger space.”

Donell says you can stay updated on what’s next for Palace. You can text ‘PALACE’ to 64600 to stay up to date.

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