Pembroke Pines Resumes Red Light Camera Recording Starting Friday

If you run a red light at several intersections in Pembroke Pines, police say you should be prepared to have your picture taken – and get a hefty fine.

The city is reinstituting its Red Light Camera Safety Program starting Friday. A warning period existed from August 1st to the 24th, but officers say the cameras will be on and recording from the 25th on.

The cameras will be installed at the following intersections:

  • Eastbound Johnson Street and Colony Point Drive
  • Northbound Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard
  • Eastbound Pines Boulevard and Flamingo Road
  • Westbound Pines Boulevard and 72nd Avenue
  • Eastbound Pines Boulevard and 136th Avenue
  • Northbound 136th Avenue and Pines Boulevard
  • Eastbound Pines Boulevard and 129th Avenue
  • Westbound Pembroke Road and 129th Avenue

Signs will be posted at all the intersections to let drivers know of the new rules. Pembroke Pines Police say a citation for running a red light will cost you $158.

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