Gunman Hospitalized After Opening Fire, Shot by Off-Duty Cop at Downtown Miami Library

A police spokesperson said it was "not an act of random violence"

A gunman who walked into a Miami library and opened fire was hospitalized after he was shot by an off-duty police officer, officials said.

Crews responded to the scene around 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday after reports of a possible active shooter. 64-year-old Roderick Veazey discharged his gun in the library before an off-duty Miami-Dade officer, Saul Rodriguez stopped him, according to police.

Police confirmed that no one else was hurt and they are not looking for any one else involved in the incident.

Miami-Dade Police spokesperson Alvaro Zabaleta said it was "not an act of random violence."

Veazey was involved in an altercation at the Main Library, at 101 West Flagler St., a few days ago. He had an intended target when he showed up Wednesday morning, police said.

Officers took him into custody before going to the Ryder Trauma Center, saying he will be charged with second degree attempted murder.

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