Phillip Stoddard Wins South Miami Mayoral Race

Phillip Stoddard has won Tuesday's South Miami mayoral race after a tough, controversial campaign in which misconduct allegations were made against him.

Stoddard is a four-term mayor who faced against former mayor Horace Feliu. Stoddard received 56.91 percent of votes, defeating Feliu's 43.09 percent on Tuesday.

Miami-Dade County Elections said 2,156 people voted, which represents a voter turnout of 28.68 percent.

However, days prior to the contest, former South Miami Commissioner Valerie Newman affected the race by releasing a robocall in which she accused Stoddard of forcibly kissing her several years ago around Thanksgiving time.

Stoddard denied the accusations. Feliu said he believes the accusations are true but said he had no part in the robocall.

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