Private Investigator Believes Noemi Bolivar Could Still Be Alive

Bolivar has been missing since Feb. 11

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A private investigator believes 22-year-old Noemi Bolivar -- who Hollywood Police say has been missing for months -- could still be alive.

Joe Carrillo, who has searched for and found missing people for years, sparked activity on the "Bring Noemi Home" Facebook page, saying last month Bolivar initiated a text conversation with three friends, said nothing, and then mysteriously powered down her phone.

"I believe that was a message that, 'I am OK,' and the fact that she has not back communicated with anybody possibly could mean, 'leave me alone,'" Carrillo said.

The disappearance of Bolivar, who was last seen Feb. 11, has gripped her tight-knit Mormon community in Hollywood.

After weeks of looking for clues, Carillo thinks Bolivar struggled with her faith and may have wanted to get away.

"Noemi had some very serious inner struggles, and the struggles had to do with her belief and the acceptance of her belief in her church," Carrillo said.

Police released a surveillance photo showing Bolivar getting on a bus in the 7000 block of Sheridan Street on the day she disappeared. She also sent a picture to a friend that day from the Anne Kolb Nature Center.

Karem Ryker, a family friend, is holding onto hope that Bolivar will soon come back home. But she says staying positive hasn’t been easy.

A private investigator looking into the disappearance of Noemi Bolivar believes she is still alive and that she might have wanted to escape because she struggled with her faith. NBC 6's Kim Wynne reports

“Knowing that her phone has been turned on gives me hope that she’s alive,” Ryker said.

Police are investigating, and Carrillo is still searching, believing that Bolivar is well aware of the search efforts.

"The only thing that we wanna do is get a solid proof of life," Carrillo said. "Not that her phone went on and to be able to tell her parents your daughter is alive and well."

Ryker says Bolivar seemed happy before she disappeared and says no matter what, she can always come home.

“We will welcome her with open arms, no questions asked at any moment,” Ryker said.

Anyone who knows of Bolivar's whereabouts should contact the Hollywood Police Department or Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.

Police in Hollywood are continuing to look for missing 21-year-old Noemi Bolivar, who was last seen a week ago.
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