Kendall Psychotherapist Denies Charges That He Molested Teen Patient

A South Florida psychotherapist accused of a sickening crime against a child denied the allegations to NBC 6.

Pedro Garcia, 67, was booked into jail Thursday on charges of molestation on a child. The victim is a 13-year-old patient of Garcia's, and the incident happened during a therapy session, an arrest report says.

NBC 6 spoke to Garcia about the charges and he and his family vehemently deny the accusations. 

"I think I am not guilty, " Garcia said. His son Pedro added," You're 100% innocent and we know this for a fact."

The 13-year-old victim claims that during her therapy session Tuesday, Garcia told her to lie down on a sofa. That's when she said the psychotherapist began toucher her, lifting her shirt and rubbing her stomach, according to an arrest report. Police said she became uncomfortable and tried to get away, but that's when Garcia grabbed her, hugged her and attempted to kiss her on the mouth while rubbing her backside, an arrest report says.

Garcia's wife, Maria Carmen, rejects the charges. "He is my husband of 25 years. He's the best thing that has happened in my life. He's innocent. I'm for sure he's innocent," Maria Carmen explained.

Garcia was released on $15,000 bond, but a judge ordered he not have contact with the teen victim and all children under 18 years old. NBC 6 cameras captured him when he left jail and quietly got into a truck and drove off.

He is listed as a mental health counselor in Southwest Miami-Dade and specializes in insomnia, ADHD impulsive and anxiety. The 67-year-old is known to work out of PJ Psycho Therapy and another office in the Kendall area.

"This is a 13-year-old girl who he harmed, that confided in him as being a therapist and going for help, and instead here she is as a victim," said Miami-Dade Det. Dan Ferrin.  

Detectives are worried there may be other possible victims. 

"Our main concern is that he doesn't continue to do this to anyone else, and anyone that may possibly be a victim to him," said Ferrin. 

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