Restaurant Employee Filmed Boy Using Toilet: Miami PD

A male employee at a Bayside restaurant is accused of filming a child who was using the bathroom inside the establishment, Miami Police said.

Eduardo Sanchez, 43, is an employee at The Knife Restaurant at Bayside Marketplace, located at 401 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.

According to police, a child came into the restaurant with his family on Friday and went into the handicap bathroom stall. As the boy sat on the toilet, he told police he heard someone enter into the stall next to him and reported hearing the sound of a cellphone turning on.

The boy told police he looked up and saw a hand pointing a white cellphone towards him.

The child screamed and said he was going to call the police, prompting Sanchez to run out of the bathroom. The boy called his father from inside the restroom, and was able to identify Sanchez by his shoes and pants.

"The kid was actually very astute. He recalled the shoes the person had on and the color of the cellphone, and that is how we were able to identify who the person was," said Officer Kenia Fallat with Miami Police.

The boy's father demanded Sanchez hand over his phone and a struggle ensued. Sanchez's phone fell to the floor, and was turned over to police.

Officers later found the images of the boy on the toilet on Sanchez's phone.

Sanchez was brought in for questioning, and told police that he filmed the child out of curiosity and planned to delete the images later.

Sanchez was arrested and charged with video voyeurism on a child younger than 16. He was released on bond over the weekend.

He didn't want to go into detail about the incident, but apologized several times for what happened, "I am very, very sorry for the family of the guy. At my work, everybody, I'm sorry."

It is not known whether Sanchez has hired an attorney.

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