South Florida

Ronald McDonald House Hosts Karaoke Night Filled With Holiday Cheer

The Ronald McDonald House of Miami at Jackson Memorial Hospital on Monday summoned the joy of the holiday season during karaoke night.

Being sick during the holidays can extra tough not just for kids but also for their families.

The kids who live at the house are from outside South Florida but require treatment at the hospital – meaning that then distance they are from home can keep them at the hospital for treatment for a lengthy period of time.

Though karaoke night is a monthly occurrence at the Ronald McDonald House, which is hosted by the South Beach Charity Angels, the event on Monday had a special holiday treat.

"What we offer is an opportunity for them to remember how to be happy," Gustavo Briand of South Beach Charity Angels said. "A lot of people here – we have known them since May – it’s comforting that you are with people you know. It feels good.”

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