‘Roo,' Dog Without Front Legs, Needs Help With Medical Care

Four-month-old Roo was born without front legs and is in the care of Miami-Dade Animal Services.

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A dog who was born without his two front legs is in need of help with his medical care.

Roo, a four-month-old chihuahua puppy, was found at a park by a Good Samaritan, who took him to Miami-Dade Animal Services.

Now, Roo is getting all the care he needs. The shelter staff named him Roo because he hops around like a kangaroo due to his missing front legs.

Dr. Maria Serrano is currently fostering him and fitting him with a special cart or wheelchair. Only two companies in the country make these devices for special needs pets, and they can run up thousands of dollars.

"He is perfect, he is normal like any other dog," Dr. Serrano said. "Just the fact that he was born with no front legs and he lands on his chest so just making sure that he has plenty of padding when he doesn't have his cart."

March 23 is National Puppy Day and what better way to celebrate than to showcase Roo, the Kangaroo Dog? If you'd like to help Roo with his medical expense, visit Miami-Dade Animal Services to see how.

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