Roof Worker Bitten by Police Dog in Late-Night Davie Encounter: Authorities

A security guard reported seeing two suspicious men on the roof

A very late night on the job turned dangerous for a couple of laborers in Davie, reportedly victims of mistaken identity.

Davie Police said they responded to a strip plaza at 6890 Stirling Road after a security guard reported seeing two suspicious men on the roof of a business around 2:40 a.m. Wednesday.

According to the police report, multiple burglaries in the town of Davie involving air conditioner units, on the roofs of closed businesses at night, prompted authorities to establish a perimeter and conduct an investigation.

"As our officers arrived on scene we saw the two men on the roof all dressed in black," said Davie Police spokesman Capt. Dale Engle.

"They told me you're surrounded, and they started to ask me questions," said Hugo Carvajal, the owner of the Viva Chile Restaurant.

Carvajal and one of the workers complied with the officer's demands, but the second roof worker, hiding behind a large air conditioning unit, did not.

"Unfortunately, he was bitten by a police dog," Engle said.

That worker, identified as Roger Alvarez, suffered a severe bite to the arm. He was transported to Memorial Hospital Pembroke for his injuries.

It turns out Carvajal hired the workers to repair a vent on the roof late at night. The work extended into the early morning hours, raising suspicion among one security guard in the area.

Authorities said the investigation is far from over. They said they plan to return to the restaurant to conduct further interviews, as well as speak to Alvarez to see why he hid from police.

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