Run, Ricky, Run – a SoBe Restaurant

Ricky Williams' new restaurant, PROOF, opens tonight on South Beach

Dolphins running back Ricky Williams is hoping the proof is in the pudding at the grand opening of his new South Beach restaurant, aptly named, PROOF.

The eatery, located on Ocean Drive near 15th Street in the Z Hotel, is the health-conscious brain child of Williams and former NFL running back Rudi Johnson.

We expect wildcat and dolphin to be kindly omitted from the menu (we hope), but other tantalizing entrees include red snapper, barbecued ribs, sushi, steaks and a Williams specialty, herbs (that's whole food speak  for vegetarian platter).

But while Williams plays host with the most on Tuesday night, guests should forgive him if he sneaks away for a moment to study for his fulltime gig of starting running back.

Williams will get the nod Thursday against the Carolina Panthers after teammate Ronnie Brown was ruled out with a foot and ankle injury.

But this restaurant thing might be the future for Williams, who has already said he plans to retire soon after an eccentric career in the NFL. It's good to know the only herbs Williams is chopping up these days are for fine dining.

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