Miami Seaquarium Offers Free Tix to Euros

European tourists get free admission to Miami Seaquarium

Killer whale shows might not be all that popular these days, but it sure beats sitting in an airport terminal watching a giant ash cloud slowly go by.

The Miami Seaquarium wants all European tourists to come visit Lolita and Flipper for free while they are stranded in  the MIA waiting to see if they will ever be able to go home.

All passengers have to do is show a European passport and a return airline ticket dated from April 14-April 23 and they get a free ticket. Seaquarium tickets will run you $37.95 for adults and $27.95 for children, so this is no small promotion (as if anything involving a 7,000 pound orca could be small).

Dozens of flights have been canceled in South Florida because of a dangerous ash cloud created by a volcano eruption in Iceland last week.

It's unclear when airports in Europe will begin accepting flights but popular locations like England have officially shut down air travel to avoid the dangers of the cloud.

So while tourists' skies might be gray, Seaquarium wants to brighten their days a little.

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