Shoplifter Leaves Behind Precious Merchandise: Her Baby

Women tried to steal $256 worth of clothes from JCPenney

Two women's well planned scheme to steal clothes from a JCPenney was almost executed flawlessly, except for one minor detail.

They forgot the 10-month-old infant they brought along for the caper.

Because of the oversight, Crystal Whitaker, 23, and her 16-year old accomplice were arrested over the weekend.

Whitaker was slapped with a slew of charges, including child neglect, child abuse and theft for the crime, which took place Friday at a JCPenney in West Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Post reported.

The two women brought the baby along as they tried on clothes in the junior's fitting room. Whitaker then allegedly stuffed about $256 worth of clothing into a JCPenney bag and walked out of the dressing room with the teen.

It's unclear where the child was, but when store officials tried to stop Whitaker, she dropped the bags and hightailed it out of the store, leaving the infant behind.

Employees grabbed the stolen merchandise and the baby. The 16-year-old eventually returned for the kid and gave Whitaker up. 

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