Signs in Hollywood With Names of Confederate Generals Vandalized

Police in Hollywood are investigating a case of vandalism involving the Confederate flag controversy.

Florida took down the Confederate flag from its capitol in 2001, but a group called #blackoutwhitesupremacy is apparently taking it a step further.

There are at least eight signs with the names of Confederate generals that have been blacked out in the City of  Hollywood.

Although most streets named after Civil War generals in the city are those of Union Army commanders, there are at least three streets named after Confederate generals that are stirring up controversy.

The Confederate flag is set to come down at South Carolina's statehouse Friday, but in Hollywood Beach one group took the debate further by spray-painting signs with names of Confederate generals.

Posts on social media indicate a group called #blackoutwhitesupremacy is behind the move.

"When people began to use it like the Klan and other groups, I mean look at any of the old footage of civil rights marches and things and the people screaming at them on the side. They're all waving the Confederate flag," said Timothy Smith, History Professor at Barry University. "It's very clear that's how they viewed it. Not just as a symbol of this is my past, but as a symbol of no we don't want to end segregation."

The City of Hollywood website details who the streets are named after. Lee Street and Forrest Street seem to be the group's main targets. Some historians note Nathan Forrest served as the first leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

"The Klan specifically was designed to end reconstruction and get white governments back into the South without African Americans voting," said Smith.

Hollywood Police said they've seen the signs and are investigating the matter as a case of vandalism.

"We're doing increased patrols of the affected streets. We've also assigned a detective to the case," said Meredith Elrich with Hollywood Police.

Depending on the degree of vandalism, the people responsible can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

Police are asking the public to call in with tips to (954) 764-4357.

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