Son Scams Sick, Elderly Mom

Takes nearly $158,000 from ailing mother

With Mother's Day just around the corner (May 10, kids), Marco Secolo gave his mother perhaps the worst early gift in the history of the mom-worshipping holiday -- he ripped her off.

Rose Secolo, 74, is suffering from Alzheimer's, and so her 39-year-old son, taking a page from the Anthony Marshall playbook, schemed her out of about $158,000 in cash and property.  

Marco is charged with a litany of offenses on poor Rose. After moving in with his elderly mother in 2007 and fraudulently signing a deed claiming half ownership of her Pompano Beach condo, he set to work draining all her assets. He transferred more than $50,000 from her bank account to his, then stole her social security check and transferred the title of her 2002 Mercedes-Benz into his name.

The scamming son turned himself in to Broward Police Monday on a charge of exploitation of the elderly.

Rose has been transferred to an assisted living facility.

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