Son Scams Sick, Elderly Mom

Takes nearly $158,000 from ailing mother

041509 marco secolo
Broward Sheriff's Office

With Mother's Day just around the corner (May 10, kids), Marco Secolo gave his mother perhaps the worst early gift in the history of the mom-worshipping holiday -- he ripped her off.

Rose Secolo, 74, is suffering from Alzheimer's, and so her 39-year-old son, taking a page from the Anthony Marshall playbook, schemed her out of about $158,000 in cash and property.  

Marco is charged with a litany of offenses on poor Rose. After moving in with his elderly mother in 2007 and fraudulently signing a deed claiming half ownership of her Pompano Beach condo, he set to work draining all her assets. He transferred more than $50,000 from her bank account to his, then stole her social security check and transferred the title of her 2002 Mercedes-Benz into his name.

The scamming son turned himself in to Broward Police Monday on a charge of exploitation of the elderly.

Rose has been transferred to an assisted living facility.

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