South Florida Army Veteran Turned Drug Dealer Gets Brazilian Butt Lift

“I consider myself a manly man but when I see myself I’m just very unhappy,” explained Hernandez

Every inch of Jorge Hernandez’s body is covered in tattoos that tell a story of a life many would find hard to believe.

“It’s unbelievable sometimes because it is kind of like a movie,” Hernandez said.

Inside a Miami plastic surgery center, Hernandez talked to NBC 6 as he etched the next chapter into his body. This time, it’s not a new tattoo but a Brazilian Butt Lift.

“I consider myself a manly man but when I see myself I’m just very unhappy,” explained Hernandez.

The surgery is uncommon in men but Hernandez is used to breaking the mold.

He was raised by his grandmother in Hialeah and graduated from the University of Miami in 2001, shortly after the September 11 attacks. The terror attack influenced his decision to join the military.

“Having been born in Cuba but raised here, I always had like a certain sense of allegiance, like a certain sense of responsibility to pay back. So I took that as an opportunity to join the Army and serve,” he said.

In the Army, Hernandez became an Arabic translator. He served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan during his seven years of service.

“Unfortunately, I end up injuring myself and was honorably discharged,” he said.

Back home in South Florida, Hernandez said he had trouble fitting back in until he discovered the Miami party scene, drugs and all.

“Miami has a vibe about it. You can go anywhere and you’re hanging out with surgeons, or you’re hanging out with drug dealers. You’re hanging out with escorts or you’re hanging out with attorneys,” Hernandez said.

In the clubs, he said he noticed an increasing demand for the synthetic drug molly.  Along with another war veteran, Hernandez began importing it from China.

“I’m a natural problem solver," he explained. "I saw a problem and I found a need and I was able to fill out some of those gaps and became very good at what I did."

So good, the feds said he ran one of the largest Molly drug rings in Miami history. He recalls the money was rolling in faster than he could spend it. He even purchased a $100,000 Bentley in cash.

“The money is easy come, easy go," he said. "When you come from nothing and you’re making 10, 15, 20, 30 thousand dollars a week, it doesn’t give you a chance to process that,” he recalled.

But his fast and furious lifestyle would come to a screeching halt in June of 2015. Video obtained by the Miami Herald shows federal agents arresting Hernandez outside of a gym in Sunset Place. The feds had picked up his best friend months before and were able to get him to turn on Hernandez.

“They gave me the alternative, the only way you can help yourself and help everyone else is by cooperating,” he said.

That’s when Hernandez says he became an informant and helped the feds dismantle the rest of the ring. He spent two years behind bars.

Hernandez was recently released from his prison sentence.

He is now looking for a fresh start and decided a physical transformation could help him restore his self-confidence. He went to Spectrum Aesthetics to enhance his looks.

A week and a half later, Hernandez showed off results. He described what was done as more than just skin deep.

“It makes me want to go out and do things and be a little bit more proactive about getting back on my feet and trying to figure out what’s next in my life,” he said.

Hernandez still hasn’t figured out what is in his next chapter. He said as a kid he dreamed of being one of two people: G.I. Joe or Tony Montana from Scarface. He ended up being a little of both.

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