Who's Hiring? South Florida Bakery Using Safer Process to Hire During Pandemic

CAO Bakery and Café is looking for employees at locations across the area but is doing so safely

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With some businesses set to reopen next week in Broward and Miami-Dade, those who are looking for a job are not along in the hunt for employment.

One local employer who’s hiring is taking a careful approach to interviewing and bringing new employees on board.

CAO Bakery and Café is looking for employees at locations across the area, but is doing so safely while maintaining a safe physical distance as they interview potential workers.

“Those who walk in with no mask, I have to say I’m sorry,” said Estaban Amaro, director of operations. “We do have to respect social distancing. We’ve done Zoom interviews as well, trying to cater to the people so we can get as many applicants as possible.”

Amaro says the company is looking to hire 50 new employees.

“We have a lot of stores that are also operating at half schedule and then, as this progresses, we want to train our staff and get them ready to hopefully open up at regular hours,” he said.

The company has opened stores recently in Southwest Miami-Dade off Southwest 72nd Avenue and plans to open a location in Hallandale Beach in the coming weeks, looking for workers that are customer facing as well as those working in both operations and the kitchen.

Experience is not needed, just a willingness to learn and a positive attitude are attributes they are looking for.

“When I started here, I knew nothing because I never worked in a restaurant or anything like that,” said Lorena Cruz, who recently started working for CAO. “I learn a lot.”

If you’re bilingual, that’s something they are looking for.

“I have two jobs, my other job is closed now and I’m so grateful,” said Cruz. “I’m so thankful that they are open. If they weren’t open, I don’t know what I would do.”

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