South Florida Couple Survives Terrorist Attack in Tunisia

The daughter of a South Florida couple captured on television running from a terrorist attack in Africa on Wednesday said she still can't believe how the events unfolded.

"I'm still processing it because it just seems so crazy to me," Gabriela Gonzales said Thursday.

Gonzales is the daughter of Hector and Giovanna Gonzales. She got a voicemail from her frantic, sobbing mother during the attack in Tunisia.

"The voicemail said 'Gaby, we're here, there's fire, they opened fire and I'm just calling you to let you know if I can I'll call you later,'" Gonzalez said.

Gabriela said her mom told her later that voicemail was a kind of goodbye.

"Cause she never thought that her or my father were gonna make it out alive," she said.

The couple was celebrating 25 years of marriage on a 10-day trip when suddenly things went horribly wrong.

"So when they were coming back to get on the bus, that's when they saw the terrorists were there opening fire on the people on the bus and there was a couple of bombs that went off," Gonzalez said. "And that instant my dad just grabbed my mom, ran back inside to the museum and hid in there for a couple of hours."

It was the last leg of their anniversary trip, and Gabriela wasn't sure if it was the last time she'd hear from her parents.

"Instantly in my head I was like, 'wow, they could be hostages right now,'" she said.

Her parents are fine now and headed back home to Miami, but the reality that ISIS is claiming responsibility for an attack on her parents is still setting in.

"I'm still processing it because it just seems so crazy to me," she said.

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