South Florida Couple's ‘Perfect' Dancing Engagement Goes Viral

It seemed like just another day in dance class, but it quickly turned into a viral proposal that marked a new beginning for one newly engaged couple.

Dance brought Phil Wright and his girlfriend Ashely Liai together more than eight years ago at a South Florida dance studio.

“We met at a local dance studio at the time it was called Peaches School of Dance,” said Liai. “I was looking for a hip hop class and I stumbled into him.”

The couple now spends their time performing and teaching dance and choreography. So when the couple taught a class on their eighth anniversary, Wright decided to come full circle with the art that got them together – and popped the question.

“Everyone just kinda went blurry, and it was just me and him and I was just like, oh, oh,” Liai recalled.

Everything seemed to go according to plan inside the Los Angeles dance studio, but Wright says he almost lost the ring.

“The ring had fell out the box and into my pocket. So while she was demonstrating at the front I had to kind of reposition myself in the back of the class to put the ring back of the box.”

Liai says that even her fiancé lost the ring, she still would have said yes.

The couple posted the video on YouTube and it went viral with more than three million views.

Wright didn’t expect the video to go viral and just wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a special way.

The couple says they are hoping to tie the knot in the fall, or sometime in 2018.

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