South Florida Protestors Hold Caravan Rally to Reopen South Florida

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Dozens of protestors hit the streets of Fort Lauderdale in a caravan of cars Sunday afternoon, demanding that the area’s economy be reopened amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The group is calling the closures of open spaces and non-essential business due to the virus “unconstitutional.”

“People have no food on their tables,” a protestor named Rachel said. “They have no way to support their families. We say all Floridians who have jobs are essential when they’re putting food on their family’s tables.”

Sunday’s protest is one of many across the country.

On Saturday, another group protested outside the freedom tower in Miami.

All this as the number of positive coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise in Florida.

As of Sunday, over 31,500 cases have been confirmed by Florida’s Department of Health along with 1,070 deaths.

“We’re not being flippant to the people who have died. We know people who have died from this and we know people who are sick with this,” one protester said.

On Saturday, the task force that was set up by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to strategize the state's re-opening, launched a public comment submission portal open to all residents.

Residents are encouraged to provide feedback on any of a variety of topics related to the re-opening of the state's economy, including healthcare, tourism, education, retail, sports, and impact on small businesses.

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