South Florida Tech Company Wants to Deliver Gas to You at Work

With card skimming on the rise at gas stations, a South Florida tech company says its app offers a safer and hassle-free way to fill up your tank.

It’s called Neighborhood Fuel. Within the last two years the app has taken off and the company plans to expand beyond South Florida.

The app allows you to enter your workplace address, select an estimated delivery time, and after leaving your fuel door open gas is delivered to your car. You pay directly through the app and get your gas without paying an extra delivery fee.

Neighborhood Fuel CEO Jorge Camaraza said they deliver gas to more than 100 work locations in the area.

“It’s a better solution, it’s a more convenient solution, and why would anyone want to use their time unwisely,” said Jorge Camaraza. “So you are getting all the benefits, the safety, the value, for the same price.”

NBC 6 Responds wanted to know if you are really paying the same price you would at the pump. On the day we checked, Neighborhood Fuel’s prices were $2.89 for regular and $3.49 for premium gas. We visited 3 gas stations and found prices as high as $2.92 and as low as $2.79 for regular. But the premium gas prices at the pump were all cheaper than the listed price of Neighborhood Fuel.

We caught up with Angeletta Key at a gas station. She says she doesn’t mind possibly paying more if it means her money is safe.

“As long as the app is something I am sure I am safe on, I will use it,” Key told us.

Safety at the pump is a concern for many.

The state reports the number of skimmers found that can steal credit card information has climbed in Florida. So far in 2018 , the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has located 752 skimmers on gas pumps. That’s more than the 655 skimming devices found on gas pumps in all of 2017.

Camaraza told us the app not only provides safety at the pump, but it is also a hassle free way to gas up ahead of a severe weather threat. Something he says his company proved during Hurricane Irma.

“Over 45 percent of the gas stations in Florida were shut down, yet we managed to pick up fuel directly from the source and bring it directly to the consumer,” said Camaraza.

Neighborhood Fuel is currently expanding to Orlando and Tampa.

If your workplace is not on the company’s list, you can send an email through the app and they will work to start service there.

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