Stab Suspect's Houdini Act

Evades SWAT unit in Fort Lauderdale

A stabbing suspect pulled a Houdini on the Fort Lauderdale Police SWAT unit, escaping out of his surrounded apartment after a long standoff this morning.

Police are on the hunt for Jean Carlos Velazquez after they say the 25 year old stabbed a man at a party then fled the scene shortly after 2:30 a.m., according to police.

Cops tracked him down to his apartment on the 700 block of Southeast 21st St., where they got him on the phone.

After losing contact with Velazquez over the phone, the SWAT team fired tear gas into the apartment, then stormed the home, only to find Velazquez wasn't inside.

Police were still searching the area around his apartment as of his morning, but with no luck.

The victim, William Rowan, was treated and released from Broward Medical Center.

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