Coffee Ice, Anyone? Starbucks To Sell Coffee Ice Cubes This Summer

Starbucks is testing out a new product that is sure to melt the hearts of coffee lovers everywhere.

That product is coffee ice, frozen chunks of Starbucks coffee that add an extra boost of caffeine to iced espresso or brewed coffee drinks. For an additional 80 cents, some Starbucks customers can add the ice cubes to their beverages.

Right now, the caffeinated cubes are only available in 100 stores in Baltimore and St. Louis. They will be available for a limited time this summer in those regions, a spokesperson said.

“As a company, we often test new products, programs and ideas to gather feedback from our customers and partners (employees),” the spokesperson said in a statement.

Iced coffee cubes aren’t an entirely new product, though. The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., a smaller coffee chain, has been selling a beverage that features ice cubes made from roasted coffee for some time now.

What do you make of coffee ice? Would you try it out? 

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