Fort Lauderdale

Stormy Weekend Leaves Many Parts of Broward County Flooded

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After a wet 48 hours, nearly all of Broward County is dealing with flooding, leaving many in the area to deal with the stormy aftermath.

For Becky Kalentzis, this weekend's nonstop rain has been the worst she's ever seen. The flooding in her Dania Beach neighborhood has caused her to call out from work tomorrow. She says she's seen many cars drive down her flooded street and does not want to risk doing the same.

"You can’t tell how deep the water is, and people who don’t know this road really don’t know where the sides of the roads are," Kalentzis says. "Then you got a school right across the street right there, that when their parents come in and out of there it just reeks havoc."

A little further west, the City of Lauderhill says they've experienced record breaking rainfall this week, and is asking residents not leave their homes if it's not necessary. In Pembroke Pines, the wet weather caused a sinkhole.

In Fort Lauderdale, Sunday's weather caused a wastewater plant to overflow. The city says it's working on the issue.

To report severe conditions in Fort Lauderdale, contact the 24-hour Customer Service Center at 954-828-8000.

Sunday alone brought anywhere between 2 to 7 inches of rain across Broward. The rainy days are expected to continue on Monday before scaling back significantly on Tuesday.

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