Suspect in Knife-Point Robbery of Taxi Driver Arrested: BSO

The suspect in the knife-point robbery of a cab driver in Oakland Park has been arrested, authorities said.

Aaron Williams, 29, was arrested on Jan 1 and charged with robbery with a weapon, grand theft and criminal mischief in the Dec. 21 robbery, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

Williams, described by the BSO as a transgendered woman, was being held on $51,100 bond Friday, jail records showed. It was unknown if Williams has an attorney.

According to the BSO, driver Bonanfant Aurelien had picked Williams up at the Oakland Park Flea Market when Williams pulled out a knife and demanded cash.

"I need money. If you don’t give me money, I’m going to start cutting things," the suspect said, according to the BSO.

The driver cam on the cab captured video of part of the incident. Once the driver saw the knife he told the suspect: "Are you crazy lady?" and the suspect responded: "Yep I sure am!"

Aurelien ran out of the taxi just as Williams tried to stab him, the BSO said. Williams then started stabbing the cab's seats, surveillance camera and credit card machine, the BSO said.

Wiliams fled the scene with Aurelien's backpack, which had personal items and $40 in cash, according to the BSO.

Williams has a criminal history of petty theft and a probation violation, the BSO said.

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