Teen Mom Tossed Infant Against Dresser: Police

Angela Williams told police she was "irate" when she threw her baby

As a 6-month-old baby still clings to life in a Miami hospital, her mother may be bracing for life behind bars.

Angela Williams, 17, has confessed to police that she tossed her infant against a dresser after she became upset at the crying child, according to a North Miami Police report.

Police responded to an emergency call Friday regarding Reginiya, the baby girl. The mother's boyfriend, Christopher Anderson, told 911 operators that the child looked really sick and was unresponsive.

When authorities arrived, the child was already in a coma. Once at the hospital, doctors concluded the child had a fractured skull from some type of blunt force trauma.

Police then began questioning Williams, who eventually confessed that in a rage, she threw the child against a dresser, causing the baby to hit her head. It's unclear when she abused the child, but Williams told police Reginiya had been sick for about a week. 

But Tuesday afternoon, Anderson said the whole thing was an accident.

"All the sudden, her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her hand dropped from my shirt, her neck dropped back and it was like I was just holding a dead body," Anderson said.

He said in the month or so that he's know her, Williams has never hurt her baby.

 "I never, not once saw her lay a hand on her, never not once do anything to harm her," he said.

No charges have been filed yet as police continue to investigate.

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