Toddlers Drown in Belle Glade Pool After Wandering From Home

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office reported the kids - ages 3 and 2 - wandered from a home their grandmother normally cleans


Two toddlers drowned in the pool of a Belle Glade home Wednesday after wandering from a nearby home their grandmother was cleaning.

NBC affiliate WPTV-TV reports the incident took place just after 1 p.m., with the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office reporting the kids - ages 3 and 2 - wandered from the home their grandmother normally cleans.

Detectives told the station the boys were playing in the screened patio in the backyard when the grandmother said they were no longer there and searched for them. After 30 minutes, she notified police.

"They came from down there, one street over, and I guess they wanted the pool," Leonard Williams, who claimed to be the toddlers' great uncle, told the station. "I got a call, 'The two boys, we don't know where they are at,' and the police started looking. They had the helicopter."

The toddlers were spotted in a nearby pool and first responders began performing CPR. They were taken to a nearby hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

An investigation continues into the case. No word on potential charges has been released.

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