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The Town of Surfside Declares Climate Emergency

With the declaration also came Surfside's Climate Crisis Action Plan

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During a commission meeting Tuesday night, Surfside became the third South Florida city to recognize the growing threat climate change poses, as it declared a climate emergency.

In a resolution signed by Surfside Mayor Daniel Dietch, the town joined Miami Beach and the City of Miami in urging the state of Florida and the federal government to collaborate on a plan to restore a safe climate.

“With this declaration, we stand in solidarity with the more than 1,200 local governments, including the City of Miami Beach and the City of Miami, representing 26 countries around the world, to issue a call-to-action," Dietch said in a statement.

With the resolution also came Surfside's Climate Crisis Action Plan. It cites rising seas, "sunny day" flooding and intensifying hurricanes as just some of the reasons the town should adopt the first edition of a "Climate Crisis Report".

The report details Surfside's climate vulnerabilities and outlines a plan of action. That plan includes dozens of steps such as re-evaluating the town's zoning code to consider rising sea levels, as well as recognizing infrastructure projects that will reduce flood vulnerabilities.

The Climate Crisis Report does not request funding for any of the proposed plans, but it strongly recommends that the city's budget be centered on adaptation and mitigation moving forward.

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