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Trio Caught on Camera Ransacking Homestead Home

Video has been released of a troubling trio, ransacking a South Florida family's home and stealing their stuff.

A rash of recent burglaries prompted one mother to set-up her own surveillance, and now, she hopes the video will help catch thieves that broke into her home.

The family recently moved into their home in Homestead, and they've already had to put hurricane shutters on the house. Not for a storm, but because someone busted out the window to get inside.

5-year-old Aidan only has his puzzles left to play with after a group of kids broke open his bedroom window, and broke into his home on Sunday night.

Surveillance video captured it all.

"Room ransacked, mattress flipped, clothes everywhere," said homeowner Arlene Thelon.

The three thieves dumped out backpacks full of soon-to-be donated school supplies, and filled them with stolen items.

"My son's iPad, his Samsung tablet, my computer, my ISOTC, my son's cellphone with all his games," Thelon explained.

The thieves were in and out in seven minutes, but not before stealing one last thing: a gallon of juice from the refrigerator.

"I'm upset but I'm more upset for my son because now he's afraid to leave the house," Thelon said.

She said she's glad she installed a motion-sensored surveillance system in her home, hoping the high quality images will lead her to who is responsible.

A number of other homes in the area have been broken into over the last few weeks, according to police.

If you know anything about these crimes, call police immediately.

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