Jason Parker

Elderly Mother and Daughter Killed in Hialeah House Fire

Family friend said victims were mother and daughter

A fire in Hialeah claimed the life of two elderly women after rescue crews found them inside early Thursday.

Crews arrived at the home near West 79th Place and 5th Avenue and found smoke coming from the roof, Hialeah Fire Rescue officials said.

After working their way inside and putting out the fire in the living room, firefighters found the victims in a bed near the window.

Rescue crews attempted to revive them, but both victims were declared dead at the scene.

Police have not released the victims' names, however a friend and family members said it was a mother and daughter - 87-year-old Emilia Rodriguez and 65-year-old Alba Soto - who died.

"They were my life. My grandmother, especially was my life. I moved from New York to down here to take care of her," family member Maritza Rodriguez said. "My grandmother was my angel and my aunt, she was a wonderful lady. They were both wonderful."

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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