Two People Stabbed at Fort Lauderdale Pride Event

Two people are recovering after being stabbed at Fort Lauderdale Pride Sunday evening, officials said.

According to investigators, two people were taken to the hospital. One was in critical condition, while the other is in stable condition.

The incident happened near the main event stage at 700 Seabreeze Boulevard at about 6:30 p.m. 

Officials said two people were detained for questioning but no arrests have been made. Police said they are still investigating.

Pride Fort Lauderdale released a statement saying, "Pride Fort Lauderdale has been informed that an isolated altercation between festival-goers attending the celebration resulted in the stabbing of two guests ... There is no indication this was a premeditated act of terrorism designed to cause harm or fear to the South Florida LGBTQ community. All indications are that this was a dispute between disagreeing parties."

"Fortunately, at the time of this incident, law enforcement officers were in fact on site, successfully intervened and took the accused suspects into custody immediately," said Norm Kent, an attorney for Fort Lauderdale Pride.

Police haven't released names of the suspects or victims yet. 

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