Two Women Remain Hospitalized Days After Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Crystal Call traveled to South Florida from New York.

Shabriya Hill came here from her home in California.

The two women didn't know each other but now are linked because of what happened to them.

Both women had the popular procedure known as the Brazilian Butt Lift on the same day in the same surgery center by the same doctor.

That was Wednesday, March 15. Five days later both were still in the hospital being treated for serious complications as a result of their surgeries.

"Her kidneys failed, her liver was getting infected," Maria Basham described about her daughter, Crystal.

She was with her daughter in the emergency room when she overheard that another patient was being brought to Aventura Hospital's ER from the same surgery center.

"I seen her rolled in," Basham said.

Marilyn Kaze quickly flew to Miami after hearing her daughter, Shabriya, was hospitalized.

"I need my daughter to get well," Kaze said. 

Both women had the BBL procedure done at Seduction by Jardon in Aventura.

Seduction's owner, Luis Jardon, told NBC 6 what happened to the women are known complications from the type of surgery they had. 

Jardon says they treat about 400 patients a month at four South Florida facilities. 

NBC 6 Investigations into the surgery prompted a worldwide survey done by the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation. 

The voluntary survey found women 20 times more likely to die after a Brazilian Butt Lift than any other cosmetic surgery. 

An attorney for Dr. James McAdoo, who performed the procedures said in a statement:

"Dr. McAdoo is understanding and shares the families' concerns over the health of their daughters. Dr. McAdoo takes every possible precaution medically necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of his patients. Every cosmetic procedure carries with it certain risks and possible complications. Dr. McAdoo is unable to discuss the specifics of each patient's care and treatment due to patient privacy laws."

Update: Hill was released Tuesday from the hospital. Call's family hope she will be released soon.

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