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University of Florida Issues Campus Alert After Twitter Shooting Threat

The University of Florida Police Department sent out a campus-wide alert early Wednesday after a general threat of a school shooting was posted on Twitter.

Identical messages were sent from 15 separate Twitter accounts from across the country and were addressed to @GatorZoneNews saying "I'm gonna shoot up the college tomorrow."

The tweets were posted around 7 p.m. Tuesday. Police said they believe the threat to be low.

"Despite the fact that this threat is general in nature and the credibility of the threat is considered to be low at this time, the UFPD considers all threats of this nature very serious," police said in a statement.

According to the alert, at least one other university has received a similar threat that was later determined to be a hoax.

Police are working with the FBI to find those responsible. Anyone with information can call UF Police at 352-392-1111.

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